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Encyclopedia of Rumrunners and Speakeasies: Freeport During Prohibition: 1931

1931 - March

On March 18, 1931, two Freeport police officers, John Stratton and Elmer Rigby, were arrested for being drunk on duty.  Stratton and Rigby were at a party and/or card game at the home of Leo Baumann at 7 Russell Place.  While there, one of the officers fired a gun at one of the guests. The officers claimed that went to the house to tell Baumann to have his guests move their cars.  Upon seeing a burgler in the front yard, at shot at him.  The officers were acquitted after five hours of jury deliberations, but both resigned from the force.


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1931 - July

Liota's East Point House was raided on July 25. No liquor was found on the premises; however, undercover Federal Agent Edward Benson asked waiters John Dubon and William Prahall to purchase alcohol for him.  When one of them returned with a bottle both waiters and John Liota were arrested.


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1931 - May

Salvatore Parressi of 97 North Main Street was one of three men arrested in Port Jefferson for construction of 1,0000 gallon still on a pig farm.