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Encyclopedia of Rumrunners and Speakeasies: Freeport During Prohibition: 1927

May - 1927

1927 - June

Freeport policed raided a distilling plant valued at over $30,000 located at Miller Avenue and Atlantic Avenues.  In side the house the police found 74 barrels of mash.  Pipes ran throughout the house that were connected to two large stills.  As cover, the bootleggers, had a woman site on the steps of the house all day knitting and a child played in the yard. 

Brooklynites Le Mario and Joseph Russo were arrested and booked at the Freeport Police station.  They were later transferred to Brooklyn for prosecution.


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1927 - July

Freeport Police raided house on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Miller Avenue.  The police found a large quantity of beer in barrels at the residence.  Instead of bringing the beer to the police station, they poured it out a second floor window.  Rudolph Domski, the homeowner, was arrested.


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1927 - December

Freeport police raided a cigar store and found a "completely equipped bar."  The proprietor was David Cohen, a former Prohibition agent.


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