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Encyclopedia of Rumrunners and Speakeasies: Freeport During Prohibition: 1921

1921 - April

Dominick Ferrara, the proprietor of the Casino Hotel (also known as Casino Pool), was arrested on April 30th.  It was alleged that Freeport police chief John N. Hartman witnessed the Casino's bartender John Muro pour what Hartman believed to be liquor into a glass for a patron.  The subsequent raid by police found only 12 bottles of vermouth and a bottle of bitters.  

Reverend R. H. Scott of the Church of the Transfiguration and Reverend Erwin Dennett of the Baptist Church witnessed the raid at the invitation of Chief Hartman of the Freeport Police.


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1921 - August

Four Prohibition agents raided the hotel at Casino Pool and found a pint bottle half filled with liquor.  This was the hotel's second raid in 1921.  Its proprietor, Dominick Ferrara, was arrested again.


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1921 - December

Lela R. Greer, a local fortune teller, was arrested after detectives found five bottles of whisky and "an apparatus for making alcoholic beverages."


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1921 - May

Kate Saxon was arrested in May 1921 for public intoxication on Merrick Road near Grove Street (now Guy Lombardo Avenue).  The newspapers identified her as Mrs. George Saxon.


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1921 - April

The Daily Review newspaper published an uncredited poem on April 14, 1921, entitled Dry Nassau:

Dry Nassau

Listen my children

And you shall hear,

That's so severe,

Nassau County is 

Going to try,

To make each

Separate village dry;

One if they land,

Two if they see,

That's what the sentence

Is going to be;

So tuck your bottle 

Upon the shelf.

Beware of strangers

Just treat yourself.


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