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Encyclopedia of Rumrunners and Speakeasies: Freeport During Prohibition: G

Gordon Marine Club

Gordon Marine Club was a speakeasy located on a houseboat moored at the foot of Gordon Place.  It was raided in July 1929. Proprietor John Jacobson was arrested along with his employee, Joseph Anderwater; both men were charged with maintaining a public nuisance.  None of the guests were arrested.  Law enforcement gained access to the club through the use of a membership card.


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Greer, Lela R.

Lela R. Greer, a local fortune teller, was arrested after detectives found five bottles of whisky and "an apparatus for making alcoholic beverages."


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Greve, Ben

Ben Greve, a Freeporter, was a detective assigned to the Nassau County Attorney's office.  Greve was involved in many Prohibition raids in Nassau County.


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