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Encyclopedia of Rumrunners and Speakeasies: Freeport During Prohibition: 1930

1930 - January

After rumrunners dumped 200 cases of liquor in the water after their boat became stranded in Jones Inlet, it was reported that that Freeporters succeeded in getting some of this contraband and selling it.


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Researched by Regina G. Feeney, December 13, 2017.

1930 - April

A $9,000 speedboat was stolen from the Freeport Point Shipyard.  It was believed that the boat was stolen by rumrunners.


"New $9,000 Speedboat Gone Think Rum Runners Stole It." The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. April 22, 1930, 6. Accessed July 19, 2018.

1930 - June

On June 4, Edward Williams, 36 of 81 Westfield Avenue, Roosevelt, a former Nassau County detective started his own private detective agency in Freeport, was arraigned in Freeport Police Court for driving while intoxicated.  He was arrested after he crashed into two parked cars at Sunrise Highway and Madison Avenue.


"Arrest Former Sleuth as Intoxicated Driver." The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. June 4, 1930, 25. Accessed April 30, 2019.

1930 - October

Raymond Smith of Freeport was arrested for selling liquor to Jacob Bush of Freeport and Jacob Stevens of Rockville Centre.  All three men were arrested by Freeport policeman John Stratton.


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Researched by Regina G. Feeney, July 11, 2019.