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Encyclopedia of Rumrunners and Speakeasies: Freeport During Prohibition: 1928

1928 - Feburary

An unidentified speakeasy in Freeport was raided.  Prohibition agents found six large vats of beer and 700 bottles of home brew. Two men were arrested.


"Stiff Sentences Imposed on Drunken and Reckless Drivers."  The Patchoque Advance. February 24, 1928, 7. Accessed December 10, 2017.

1928 - March

The 300 Club was raided by Federal agents.  After "large quantaties" of liquor were discovered, employee Charles Keenan was arrested.


"Freeport's 300 Club Raided." The Suffolk County News. March 23, 1928, 1, Accessed December 10, 2017.

Researched by Regina G. Feeney, December 10, 2017.

1928 - October

Federal Agent William Benson raided two establishments owned by Charles Whitehead, Jr. of Baldwin.  Whitehead and Edwin Murphy of 161 South Bay Avenue were arrested at the 300 Club located on Merrick Road.  At Whitehead's  establishment located at 9 Railroad Avenue, Joseph Rigby of 73 Sunrise Highway and Albert Henriquez of Newton Boulevard were arrested.


"Freeport Agents Stages Two Freeport Raids." The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. October 27, 1928, 10. Accessed December 18, 2017.

Researched by Regina G. Feeney, December 18, 2017.