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Local History Resources: Civil War

Civil War Casualties

Freeport Duing the Civil War

Freeport During the Civil War

  • Freeport erected a 90-foot liberty pole
  • Later raised funds to erect 100-foot pole

Source: Nassau County in the Civil War, by Arnold Gates, 1963, (LI R 974.7245 G)


  • In 1868 there were 118 houses in Freeport.  61 homes were located on Main Street
  • Merrick Road was known was Plank Road and there was a tollgate near where the Freeport Hall apartments are today (Merrick Road and Long Beach Ave.)
  • Between 1860 and 1868 there were 25 businesses in Freeport
  • Two churches: Presbyterian and Methodist
  • Two schools: 1 private and 1 public – the public schools was in session 11 months of the year

Source: William E. Golder, "Freeport of 1868 Had Only 118 Houses; 51 Farms Within Present Village Limits," (newspaper not labeled)


  • About 40 men from Freeport served during the Civil War. 
  • The polling location for the 1864 Presidential election was held at a hotel located on the corner of Main Street and Merrick Road.
  • In 1865, after the assassination of Lincoln, some Freeporters put emblems of morning and sympathy outside their homes.
  • After the war had ended, there was a celebration at the corner of Main Street and Merrick Road in vacant lot.  A bonfire was kept burning during the evening and a cannon was fired every 20 minutes.

Source:  William E. Golder, "Freeport Soon Forged Ahead of Hempstead After Southside Railroad Was Finished," (newspaper not labeled)

Mott Brothers

Long Island During the Civil War