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Local History Resources: Teacher Resources for Local History

Teacher Resources for Local History

Consider the Source New York: Teaching with Historical Records is a collaborative effort between the New York State Archives and Archives Partnership Trust that is designed to bring primary source materials to New York State educators, particularly sources from underrepresented archives, repositories, and institutions emphasizing diversity. 

The Consider the Source portal connects educators across New York State to the valuable primary source materials found in  churches, museums, historical organizations, libraries, and state and local governments with a series of highly engaging learning activities designed to guide and encourage students at all grade levels to make discoveries using critical thinking skills.

Freeport History Resources for Educators

Primary Sources

Freeport has a long and rich history.  Though Freeport was most likely visited by Native Americans, outside of several arrowheads found in the northeast and the claim of a wampum factory on Milburn Creek, the Freeport Memorial Library and Freeport Historical Society unfortunately have no other physical artifacts or information related to early Indigenous peoples who lived and worked in the Freeport area.

European settlement occurred around 1652. The name Freeport was adopted in 1853, and later was incorporated as a village in 1892.

Below are links to digitized primary source collections related to Freeport history:

Freeport History Resources for Educators **Under Construction**