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Local History Resources: Notable Freeporters

LIGHTS Club Membership

Harpo Marx in Freeport

William E. Golder's Simple Biography

Local Millers

Dr. and Mrs. Evans

Freeport's Immigrant Past (in progress)

Louis Appleton (Russia)

Harry Barasch (Austria)

Frederick Blankenhorn (Germany)

Mario E. Blanco (Cuba)

George I. Braithwaite (England)

Eugene A. Canalizo (US/Guatamala/Mexico)

Luigi Cancellieri (Italy)

Patricia D. Collins (Canada)

Patrick J. Conway (Ireland)

Alan C. Cruickshank (Scotland)

Margaret S. Davis (England/Australia)

Issac DaSilva (England)

Arthur Deagon (Canada)

Desire Defrere (Belgium)

Agnes Earon (Scotland)

Antonio (Tony) Elar (Italy)

Edith Gertrude Selene Evans (England)

Anna Feile (Germany)

William Foreman (England/Canada)

Cadman Henry Frederick (St. Vincent, British West Indies)

Chester Fulton (Canada)

Henry Gobetz (Russia)

John J. Grgurevich / Gregurevich (Yugoslavia/Croatia)

Henry Frederick Harms (Germany)

Edward L. Hong (China)

Isaac Horsfall (England)

Morris Jacobson (Russia)

Alvin Johnson (Sweden)

Otto Kunz (Germany)

Henry Lampe (Germany)

Martin Larsen (Norway)

Adolph Levy (Russia)

Abraham M. Litwak (Russia)

Guy Lombardo (Canada)

Luis D. Lovelace (Dominican Republic)

Olaf Magnusson (Sweden/Belgium)

Jacob Maier (Germany)

Anna J. Martin (Belfast, N. Ireland)

Morris Miller (Weseritz, Bohemia, today Czech Republic)

Charles L. Mook (China)

David C. Pettigrew (Scotland)

Moxey Rigby (Bahamas)

Hyman Schloss (Russia)

Mirto Scopinich (Croatia)

Reverend Dr. Reginald H. Scott (Canada)

Hideo (Harry) Sekine (Japan)

Ioji B. Sekine (Japan)

Dr. Curtis Skeete (Barbados)

Hugo Stearns (Germany)

Cord Viebrock (Germany)

Christian L. Utz (Germany)

George Wallace (Canada) 

Joseph Van Blerck, Sr. (Holland)

Hyman Wurtzel,  (Poland/Austria)


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