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Local History Resources: Census 1955

Census 1955

1955 Police Census

As of April 1st, 1955 Freeport's population was 29,085.   It was divided as follows:

Northwest Section: 6,621 (203 residents in apartments and 6,418 in 1 and 2 family homes)
Northeast Section: 6,459 (166 residents in apartments and 6,293 in 1 and 2 family homes)
Southwest Section: 8,319 (688 residents in apartments and 7,631 in 1 and 2 family homes)
Southeast Section: 7,686 (564 residents in apartments and 7,122 in 1 and 2 family homes)

The sections for the purpose of the census were divided by the Long Island Railroad North and South, and Ocean Avenue, East and West.

Source: Village of Freeport Newsletter, May 1955