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Local History Resources: Local Newspapers

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More newspapers have been digitized! 

Freeport Newspapers

Freeport Memorial Library Newspaper Collection 


Daily Review ​(1921-1926)

Freeport News (1921)

The Long Island Kernel (1958-1966)

Leader (1987-current)

Leader (1941-1987)

The Long Island Graphic (1961-1966)

Long Island Graphic and Roosevelt Press (1964-1966)

Nassau County Review (1898-1921)

Nassau Post (1914-1918)

Queens County Review (1895-1898)

South Side Messenger (1908-1918)

Most of these newspapers were scanned from microfilm. The collection does not include the years 1922 to 1940 or 1945. The Library does not have microfilm from this time period.


Newspapers covering Freeport from the collections of neighboring libraries

Nassau Daily Review and Nassau Star (1937-1937)

Nassau Daily Review--Star (1937-1954)

The Owl (1909-1919)

The Picket (1865-1870)

South Side Observer (1870-1918)

Brooklyn / Long Island Newspapers

Brooklyn Historical Society Collection (Formerly known as the Long Island Historical Society)


The Long Island Star (1809–1840)

Brooklyn Evening Star (1841–1863)

Brooklyn Daily Evening Star (1841)

Queens Newspapers

Freeport Memorial Library Newspaper Collection


Queens County Review (1895-1895)

Freeport was part of Queens County until 1899, when Nassau County was established.


NYS Historic Newspapers


Jamaica Farmer (1870-18??)

Long Island Farmer and Queens County Advertiser (1826-1862)

The Long Island Farmer (1879-19??)

Long Island Farmer (1862-1870)

The Long Island Farmer (1821-1825)

The Wave of Long Island (1893-1979)


New York Newspapers

Library of Congress


New York Daily Tribune (1842-1866)

New-York Tribune (1866-1924)

New-York Tribune (1841-1842)

The Sun and New York Press (1916-1916)

The Sun and the New York Herald (1920-1920)

The Evening World (1887-1931)

The Sun (1833-1916)

The Sun (1916-1920)

The Weekly Sun (1851-1869)


NYS Historic Newspapers

For a complete list of titles, click the above link and choose a county.

Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island Newspapers

Click on the Borough for a complete list of titles:

Manhattan (New York County)

Bronx (Bronx County)

Staten Island (Richmond County)

Suffolk County Newspapers

NYS Historic Newspapers

For a complete list of titles, click on the above link.

Other Newspaper Resources / Subscription Databases

Fulton History

Library of Congress

Freeport Memorial Library

The Freeport Memorial Library also has database subscription to Newsday (1940-1986) and The New York Times (1851-2012).  More recent editions of these newspapers can be found on the Library's database page.  You must have a Freeport library card to access this collection.

Microfilm Collection

The Freeport Memorial Library has microfilm for the following local newspaper titles:

Long Island Graphic - January 1961 to December 1996

Long Island Kernel - March 1958 to April 1979

If you wish to use this microfilm, please contact Regina Feeney in the Reference Department.

The Library hopes to get these newspapers digitized in the future.