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Gardening: How to get started: Atlantic Nursery Resources

This is a how to guide to help anyone get started in gardening.

Atlantic Nursery Resources

This is a list of informational instruction sheets from the Atlantic Nursery Website on gardening and various plants and flowers:

Indoor Seed Growing Kit Instructions

2019 Tomato and Pepper Fiesta

Planting Instructions

Container Gardening

Watering Guidelines

Vegetable Planting Guide

Soil Preparation Container Vegetable Planting

Orchid Phalaenopsis


This is a list of instructional videos from the Atlantic Nursery Website on gardening:

Best Way To Prune And Train Climbing Roses

Best Ways to Protect Plants from Frost

Best Trees for Small Garden Spaces - Japanese Maples

Best Flowering Vines

Best Perennials for a Sun Filled Yard

Flowering Perennial – Shasta Daisy

Dianthus Raspberry Surprise

How to Prune Clematis


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