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Coronavirus : Coronavirus in the News

This guide has information on coronaviruses in general, with information on the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which emerged in China in 2019.

Articles about the coronavirus

There's a new Covid variant. What will that mean for spring and summer? - The New York Times, May 10, 2024

Supreme Court rejects rejects from fired worker denied jobless benefits after refusing vaccine - USA Today, April 1, 2024

Covid lowered global life expectancy more than previously thought, new study suggests - Forbes, March 12, 2024.

Covid vaccines cut risk of virus-related heart failure and blood clots, study says - The Guardian, March 12, 2024

Four years on, the mysteries of Covid are unraveling - The New York Times, March 11, 2024

CDC makes major COVID guidelines change: Here are the new recommendations -, March 4, 2024

CDC officially drops five-day isolation guidelines - The Washington Post, March 1, 2024

CDC isolation guidelines for Covid-19 haven't changed yet. Here's what you need to know. - CNN, February 15, 2024

Long COVID can destroy your ability to exercise. Now we know why - National Geographic - February 15, 2024

Rampant COVID poses new challenges in the fifth year of the pandemic - Scientific American, February 6, 2024

Is this Covid surge really the second biggest? Here's what the data shows - The Washington Post, January 12, 2024

What to know about the new covid variants - The New York Times, January 27, 2023

The CDC will no longer issue Covid-19 vaccination cards - NPR, October 5, 2023

Research may explain why men are more likely to experience severe cases of COVID-19 - Medical X Press, October 3, 2023

Covid-19 has changed, and so has our immunity. Here's how to think about risk from the virus now - CNN, August 28, 2023
Updated Covid-19 vaccines are coming mid-September, officials say - CNN, August 25, 2023
This latest covid variant could be the best yet at evading immunity - The Washington Post, August 25, 2023
What to know about COVID Eris: variant spreading in the UK and US this summer - USA Today, August 7, 2023
What you should know about the latest Covid-19 surge. A doctor explains - CNN, August 3,2023
What the ending of WHO's Covid emergency does (and doesn't) change - VOX, May 5, 2023
WHO declares end to COVID global health emergency - Reuters, May 5  2023
CDC eases certain Covid-19 vaccine requirements for international travelers to the US - CNN, April 28, 2023
Court blocks Covid vaccine mandate for U.S. government workers - NBC News, March 24, 2023
Why America was uniquely vulnerable to COVID - AXIOS, March 24, 2023

COVID-origins study links racoon dogs to Wuhan market: what scientists think - Nature, March 22, 2023

White House to disband Covid-19 response team in May - CNN, March 22, 2023

The origins of the Covid pandemic: what we know and don't know - The New York Times, March 17, 2023

CDC adds Covid-19 shots to list or routine vaccines for kids and adults - CNN, February 9, 2023
A farewell for now - The New York Times, January 25.2023