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Freeport Latinx Project: Home

Tracking Freeport's early Latino population.

Freeport Latinx Project

Freeport Latinx Project

Using the Census from 1920, 1930, and 1940 to identify Freeport's Latino population


In the 21st century, Freeport is known for its diverse population. For decades, Freeport has been diverse ethnically, religiously, socially, and economically.  Today, Freeport has a vibrant Latino population, but when did this demographic come to call Freeport home?  In 1892, when Freeport first incorporated, a local census was taken.  One Cuban man, whose name is lost to time, was identified as living in Freeport.  

The goal of the Freeport Latinx Project is to track the origins of Freeport's early Latino population using census records.

All information in this guide has been taken from census records found on unless otherwise noted.

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